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This is a Physical Course only for Females
Cosmetology Course

Course Content

Forever Whitening Treatment
Epidermis First Layer Detailed Information
Melanin Cells Details With Diagram
Information and Importance of Epidermal Cycle System
Detail Information About Glutathione and Whitening Injections
Face and Neck Treatment
Hand and Feet Whitening Treatment and Care
Different Skin Tone Treatment
Dark Circle Treatment
Full Body Whitening Treatment
HydraFacial For Whitening
Diet Plan For Whitening with Calcium, and Vitamin Information

Freckle Control Treatment
Basic Reasons for Freckles
Increase In Freckles Due to Non-Awareness
Common Reasons for Freckles
How to Control Freckles up to 70% and Proper Use
of Homecare Medicines
How to Control Skin Sensitivity Treatment
Special Precautions for Home Care with Complete Information
Skin Sensitivity Control Treatment
HydraFacial For Freckles
Diet Plan For Freckles with Calcium, and Vitamin Information

Forever Acne Removal Treatment
Second Layer Dermis details & Information
Oil Glands Detailed Information
Basic Reasons for Acne
Non-Awareness Reason For Acne
Complete Information and Treatment For Black Head
and White Head
Use of Treatment to Remove Every Type of Acne Forever
Oil Control Treatment
Stain Removal Treatment
Large Pores Treatment
Open Pores Treatment
Microneedling Treatment
Laser Acne Removal Treatment Information
Acne Treatment with High Frequency
HydraFacial For Acne
Diet Plan For Acne with Calcium, and Vitamin Information

Wrinkles Control Treatment
Information About Hypodermis Third Layer
Information About Fatty Tissue
Details About Muscles in Skin
Common Reasons for Wrinkles
Different Techniques to Control Wrinkles
Special Precautions for Homecare Medicines
Microneedling with Anti-Wrinkle Serum
Anti-Wrinkle Galvanic Treatment
Anti-Wrinkle HydraFacial
Diet Plan For Wrinkles with Calcium, and Vitamin Information

Hair Falling & Regrow Treatment
Complete Information About Hair Structure
Non-Awareness Reasons For Hair Falling
Basic Reasons for Hair Falling
How to Generate Hair Bulbs in the Hair Regrowth Process
German Hair Rebonding Restructure Treatment
Hair Dandruff Treatment
Greasy Hair Treatment
Hair High-Frequency Treatment
Hair Regrow with Microneedling
Diet Plan For Hair Falling & Regrow with Calcium, and Vitamin Information

Unwanted Hair Treatment
Information About Unwanted Hair
Basic Reasons for Unwanted Hair
Non-Awareness Reasons for Unwanted Hair
Information About Laser Hair Removal Treatment
Information About Non-Surgical Hair Removal Treatment
Diet Plan For Unwanted Hair with Calcium, and Vitamin Information

Laser Treatments
Mole Removal Treatment
Brown Spots Removal Treatment
B.B Glow Treatment
Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment
Laser Carbon Peel Treatment
Q-Switched Laser Treatment
Stretch Mark Removal Treatment
Face and Full Body Laser Regeneration Treatment
Non-Surgical Joint Pain Treatment

Dr. Tariq Aziz

How is going To Teach you?

Dr. Sheikh M Tariq Aziz has served as a consultant cosmetologist at the Ind Hospital. Berlin (Germany) and Al Kuwait Hospital UAE. X professor Grommer University of Research Centre UAE affiliated with Germany and capital college Islamabad; Pakistan. Dr. Sheikh M Tariq is the Consultant for Aqua 9 Eras and is active in supporting the company in increasing awareness of disseminating scientific research relay

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Duration of Course is 6 Months.

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